Camp Activities

FAB camps provide a full programme of popular events for families, including a variety of day trips and younger children’s activities.

All activities are conducted by fully insured, qualified and professional instructors using national standards of protection and safety equipment.  An example of the types of activities available at our camps include:


Learn the ancient art of archery and compete with Robin Hood. We offer plenty of instruction and practice sessions before you put your skills to the test and attempt to hit the bull’s eye!

Team Building

Working together, you must get your team from point A to point B without stepping on the ground, using pieces of wood and a couple of tyres.

Cycle Rides

The designated cycle tracks enable you to go fast with off-road mountain biking through woodland, or to take with the family cycling through some glorious countryside.

High/Low Ropes

With your safety systems in place, you start on the low ropes to get a feel for it, move yourself from one stage to another as you work your way up to the very top of our climbing frame.

Jacobs Ladder

Working in pairs, see if you can make it climbing all the way to the top of the ladder. Beware though, the gaps get bigger the higher you get!


With all your team wearing helmets and blindfolds, you have to find your way back to camp avoiding the obstacles in your path, including tyres, tunnels and huts.

Tree Climb

In your safety harness, take the hand and foot holds and climb to the very top of a huge pine tree, and make sure to admire the view when you get there!


Take your time admiring the scenery from a different perspective on the water. You’ll get all the safety advice and instruction you need before you get out there.

Climbing & Abseiling

There will be lots of instruction before you tackle the climbing wall, if you make it to the top you’ll feel the total exhilaration of abseiling all the way down!