Camp Activities

Camp activities are designed to be inclusive and fun, and we try to incorporate a broad range of activities wherever we can.  No-one will be asked to do anything they don’t want to, however we will encourage you to take part in as much as you can as we know how much families benefit from pushing themselves and finding skills and courage they never knew they had.  We will often mix up groups so that you have an opportunity to meet everyone and also so that we can tailor activities per group e.g. where there are younger children who need more support or those who have more experience and wish to push themselves further.  We guarantee that you’ll amaze yourselves, laugh a lot and build great bonds with your own family and others. You’ll have a volunteer nearby to support you too.


Here we’ll be focusing on watersports at Stithians Lake but there will also be opportunities to stay on dry land, taking in the best of what Cornwall has to offer.  And as we’re at the seaside, we always make time for the best activity of all, eating ice-cream!


Newlands offers us a variety of activities from  a gentle stroll on the shores of Derwentwater to the magnificent high ridges of the Lake District Northern Fells, from a challenging rock climb to a thrilling mountain bike descent, canoeing, ghyll scrambling, orienteering…and we know you won’t be disappointed!




When on camp, we  make sure we cater to everyone’s needs and can often be flexible in our programme, particularly as we are often driven by the weather.