The team consists of the following amazing FABsters….

  • Chief Executive Officer / Head of Delivery

    Major Karen Tait MBE is a serving Officer with the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). Karen has served since May 2004 and is currently posted to big school in Shrivenham on ICSC(L). She has been involved with FAB since 2010 when she like many of our other volunteers and families needed a bit of FAB in her life!! Contact via e-mail

  • Volunteer and Safeguarding Lead

    SSgt Kat Beaver is the Volunteers and Safeguarding Lead. Kat makes sure our volunteers are recruited, trained and ready to make sure our families have a FABulous week. Contact via e-mail

  • Marketing and Media Lead

    Vicky Griffiths has been working for the MOD since 2009 and involved in FAB for the past nine years - attending at least one camp a year, usually as the Community Development Worker. As marketing and media lead, I'm always looking for a story - whether that's from families or volunteers. Contact via e-mail

  • Families Lead

    Rae Burns has extensive pastoral experience and works in education. Rae is married to a retired Royal Air Force Airman and her son is currently servicing in the Army. Rae has been a FAB volunteer for 6 years, OIC for 5 and FAB Families lead for 3. Contact via e-mail

  • Fundraising Lead

    Dave Wilson Contact via e-mail

  • OIC Lead

    Paula Elliott has been in the MOD as a commercial manager for 19 years. She has two girls, 25 and 14; who keep her very busy! She loves the outdoors, particularly walking in the countryside and along rivers. She love's the beach and driving her classic VW Beetle. She loves volunteering on FAB Camp as she gets to do all the fun activities whilst helping others at the same time. She has been a FAB volunteer for nine years. Contact via e-mail