Previous Donations

A big thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to FAB.  Here is a list of some of the most recent ones:

UK Power Networks very generously donated £1,000 to FAB following an Olympic themed competition which Team Singapore won with this Tie-Breaker poem.  Thank you to the War Widows Charity who informed them of our charity.

With the Olympics on its last countdown
And thousands heading for London Town
G4S Security’s calculations simply failed
All around chaos could have prevailed

The Armed Forces did not hesitate
To head for Stratford to man each gate
So the Park could go ahead with the fun and games
While the crowd blissfully braved the Olympic Lanes!

We never fully appreciate just what our soldiers do
Sometimes risking their lives and limbs to see it through
In appreciation, Team Singapore (Major Connections) would like to give
The Winning £1,000 to the families of those who, sadly, didn’t live

As a team, we think War Widows Charity deserves this grand
For all the times their late partners have been there to lend a hand
We all agree the Olympics and Paralympics were a mega success
But without our Armed Forces, it could well have been an awful mess

Their presence at the games venues was a comforting sight
They did a superb job, were polite and helpful, day and night
As always, they fulfilled their duties to the letter
As guardians of our games and country, who could wish for better?

So judging panel please stop and pause
Can you really think of any more worthy cause?
Olympics and Paralympics were this competition’s theme
It fits that these people should benefit from the Winning Team

TransPennine recently sent FAB a cheque for £500 which will go direct to the FAB 13 project and the bereaved Military families who benefit from the camps.

Les Hall one of our FAB volunteers from 2012 organised a FAB sale within his local community and managed to sell £600 of FAB merchandise!  Well done to Les and the other helpers and of course to all those at Falkland Court who supported the event!

The RAF Digby Youth Club held a number of games stalls at the Station Summer Families Day in June and raised £150 which they have donated to FAB.  Well done to all the Youth Club members aged between 8 and 16 for spending their time planning and running these games, a great sum of money for FAB.

Wren’s Nest Primary School and Children’s Centre recently sent a cheque for £50.35 to FAB – thank you very much for your support.

A big thank you to Lakeland Plastics Ltd for their very kind donation of £300.00 to FAB.

A recent HMS FEARLESS Reunion, on the evening of 17 Mar 12, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary since decommisionning and the 30th Anniversary of The Falklands Conflict (in which HMS FEARLESS was part of the task group), resulted in a cheque for £500 being presented to FAB.  Thank you all who attended and bid so generously during the auction and to Warrant Officer 1 (Master At Arms) Kevin Williams MBE for choosing FAB as the recipient and congratulations on a succesful evening.

A big thank you to the Royal Logistic Corps Chefs from 1 (UK) Armoured Division who raised a fantastic £747.89 from the sale of Christmas cakes entered in to the annual Divisional Christmas cake competition.

SSgt Nic Savell and the rest of the Op Herrick 15 chef group raised £441.98 during their tour of Afghanistan by organising a variety of charity events.  All monies have been donated to FAB from personnel serving in and around Camp Bastion, Afghanistan during their arduous operational tour – THANK YOU from all at FAB.

After a month of selling bacon and sausage butties on HMS Collingwood for charity, FAB received a cheque for £393 from the chaplaincy dept at HMS Collingwood.  Thank you all for your efforts in raising the money and of course in eating the butties – a tough job but someone has to we suppose?!

Thank you to Flt Lt Andrew Dale, who was bought a bungee jump from his girlfriend for his birthday of the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge, and decided to raise money for FAB in the process.  A cheque for £90 was recently received – thank you Andy (and your girlfriend!).

FAB recently received a cheque for £2530.49 which was donated from personnel who were serving or passed through Camp Bastion, Afghanistan whilst serving on Operation HERRICK.  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Sergeant Carl Sharples and Sensei Billy Cross (himself an ex-para) organised a ‘FAB Punch Out’ with Aldershot’s Kaizen Karate Club members.  Their goal was for members of the club ranging from 6 yrs upwards to complete 1000 karate punches in an hour.  They smashed this and raised £626 which they very kindly donated to FAB.  A huge thank you to all that participated!!

Mrs W Clarke from Weston-Super-Mare for her very kind donation of £375.

The Sowest Lodge No 3797 of British Freemasons for donating £100 towards FAB 2011.

Miss KB Tidd for organising a sponsored scrabble match and raising £50 for FAB.

Mrs Margaret Parkes from Coverack, Cornwall who donated £50 after selling home grown vegetables.

The Royal Air Force Sylt Association for their very generous donation of £300 towards FAB 2011.

Mrs Joan Harris who donated £425 to FAB following a birthday celebration!  Many thanks and congratulations.

The Rotary Club of Ashton-under-Lyne for their very generous donation of £200 which will go directly to assisting a bereaved Military family this summer.

The Lodge of Brothers In Arms No 9540 of British Freemason for their very kind donation of £107.

J. Hilary Gallagher and her colleagues at the Inner Wheel Club of South Wirral for their kind donation of £500 to FAB.

Alan Forster for nominating FAB at a debating society meeting in Surrey.  Alan and his colleagues raised £164.

Mary Umrigar and her colleagues at the Adult and Children’s Services, Ealing Council for their kind donation of £130 to FAB.  The money was collected in lieu of sending colleague to colleague Christmas cards in the central office.  A great idea and one that will hopefully catch on.  Thank you once again for thinking of our FAB families during a difficult time of year.