Fundraising Bike Ride

3 Oct 2010 to 3 Oct 2010 - Llyn Brenig, Llyn Brenig, UK

Toni and Ryan Jackson attended a FAB camp in 2010 at Whitby and wanted to give something back and decided to do a bike ride. The location a local lake called Llyn Brenig. The distance was 10 miles, some flat but lots of hills too! The team consisted of mum Michelle, Toni, and Ryan Jackson, Michelles eldest brother Jonathan, and one of her late brother, Davids, good friends Scott Cumming.

They managed to get around in about an hour and a half, which for beginners and kids is a fantastic achievement. Apart from the saddle sores a great day was had by all and they managed to raise £80 for FAB. Their aim is to go further next time and raise more for FAB. Thanks to Michelle and her great kids for organising and taking part in this event!

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