Great North Run

16 Sep 2012 to 16 Sep 2012 - Newcastle, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE2 4AL

Jen Hutt – FAB volunteer has an amazing story to share, please read on:

She will be undertaking the Great North Run all in aid of FAB.

I am Jennifer Hutt, soon to turn 33 in November, mother of 1 very active 3 year old and I am rather on the curvaceous side.  I have decided to run the Great North Run to raise funds for SSAFA and FAB.  Why may you ask would I want to put myself through the pain, pay travel and entrant fees out of my own pocket, start the journey to get to Gateshead to run 13 1/2 miles at 0500hrs and to probably get chafing on top of it all whilst I run?  I am also asking myself the same question as race day gets closer and closer and I dont seem to have had the time to run and prepare adequately.

So the answer as to why someone my age and size decided to run 13 1/2 miles so far from home when I could be relaxing in front of the TV or having a lay in, is because of the sense of achievement it gives me.

My history – in 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer and during my treatment I also fractured my spine in 2 places in a skydiving accident when I fell 50ft through the trees.  To go through all of that in one year left me plenty of time to reflect on my life and I was left with the overwhelming believe that I needed to do more to help others and to make the most of my life.  I went through a very hard year and came out the other side still intact (apart from missing a disc or 2 in my back, having a hip graft and nearly being arrested for setting  off the radioactive alarm bells at Dover port), being able to still touch my toes and live my life normally has left me feeling extrememly lucky and grateful.  I need to keep pushing myself to complete these challenges and to help others in the process to make sure I am still the person I was before the treatment and accident and to give reason to why I have survived.

They say that only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun and so I guess thats what I class myself as because come Sunday I too will be out in the midday sun pounding the streets of the Toon…that must be worth a few quid of anyones money, so if you would like to donate £3 to FAB text ‘FAB’ to 70003.  P.S watch out for me on the telly in my bright orange t-shirt!!

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