HELL RUNNER – Hell Down South

26 Nov 2011 to 26 Nov 2011 - Longmoor Camp, Longmoor, Hampshire

‘Punishment of the Sole…Redemption of the Mind’.  9 personnel from the Food Services Wing based at Worthy Down are participating in The Brooks Hell Runner in order to raise money for FAB.  Hell Runner is over multi-terrain and varying underfoot conditions.  There will be everything from running tracks and trails to water-filled areas and plenty of steep hills.  Expect to get very wet!  It will be nature at its toughest.  The course will be marked but do not expect to see mile or kilometre markers (that’s for those softy road-running types).  All you need to know is that the course will be probably more than 10 and less than 12 miles in length.  Hey!  With what we have in store, who’s counting!

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