Ambassadors of FAB

If you are nervous/anxious about what FAB is, then please consider hearing all about FAB from one of our ‘Ambassadors of FAB’.  Our Ambassadors are families who have already attended a FAB camp and are in a position to answer any questions that you might have, direct from a families perspective.  We have families from all 3 services who are willing to provide this service.  Please contact us via the enquiries page (link below) if you require to be put in contact with an ‘Ambassador of FAB’.

To find out how to become an Ambassador of FAB please make contact via the Enquiry page.

An extract of a bereaved childs account of their experience on FAB:

“I felt like I had nobody to talk to, who had been through or experienced such loss and tragedy.  I couldn’t even put the hurt I was feeling into words.  This was all until I met my inspirations.  Without giving much away, these guys gave me the ability to talk about my brother without upsetting and working myself up.  They showed me how to have a good time, and how to live life to the full….I could actually smile again without feeling guilty.”