Lieutenant Colonel Belinda Forsythe MBE

FAB was originally conceived in early 2008 when the Army Widows Association (AWA) approached the MOD hoping for more support for them and their families.  Major Belinda Forsythe MBE, as she was then, was working in Main Building at the time and this came across her desk.

Belinda immediately began gathering ideas and seeing what it was that she could do that would demonstrate to our bereaved Military families that we still cared about them, that they weren’t forgotten, whilst hoping to actually help them at the same time.

FAB was born!

Families’ Activity Breaks ran as a highly successful pilot in the summer of 2009 where 24 families attended at two locations, Coverack in Cornwall and Whitby in North Yorkshire.

Whilst Belinda is no longer actively involved in FAB, we continue to grow and offer more families the opportunity to attend a FAB camp and at different locations throughout the UK.  Who knows where FAB will go next?!