Here is some feedback from some of our FAB families and volunteers:

I felt like I had nobody to talk to, who had been through or experienced such loss and tragedy. I couldn't even put the hurt I was feeling into words. This was all until I met my inspirations. Without giving much away, these guys gave me the ability to talk about my brother without upsetting and working myself up. They showed me how to have a good time, and how to live life to the full….I could actually smile again without feeling guilty.

This was our first FAB Camp. It really opened our eyes and helped us. It was great to be around other families that really understood how we feel.

With the help of skilled instructors and sympathetic volunteers I was able to step out of my comfort zone. FAB also gave me an insight to how far my children have grown emotionally and mentally.

FAB pushes you to test your boundaries in a good way with trying new experiences. It gives you tears of laughter that you thought were lost, it creates an extra family that you didn’t know existed. The support you get from volunteers to other families who have gone through or going through what you have is a support that not everyone can understand, but thanks to FAB we now have this.

It was ‘absolutely amazing’ we enjoyed every single second!

FAB... Fantastic Absolutely Brilliant’

The positive change in my daughter was really noticeable... She was FABed!

A week where the children knew they where not alone with their grief and feelings

We had an amazing time at camp, we’ve made life long friendships

Another great FAB camp, with the best location and activities.

Truly life changing experience. We will never feel alone again. We came away with a forever family, not just just friends. My boys felt normal again.

You guys hit this perfectly in my opinion. A great balance of sensitivity and encouragement to bond and share experiences and challenges together. We had a fantastic time.

It’s flipping awesome!

Camp has helped us rebuild and strengthen the bonds in my family that have been shaken by the trauma and the grief of loosing their father. FAB not only gave us time to heal wounds together, but to also forge friendships with other families who feel the pain of bereavement and live with the daily struggles of learning to live again.

I can't thank FAB Camp enough for all their help and support. It's the first time my son has ever met another child who has lost a parent...seeing him open up to them was amazing. He no longer feels an odd one out, he knows others kids are in his situation as well. For me it was so emotional and comforting talking to the other FAB members, I know I'm not alone now and have made friends for life.

It was wonderful.

We got from the FAB camp exactly what we went for. Time together with no distractions and surrounded by other parents and children in our situation. It’s exactly what we needed and I feel it’s helped us hugely as a family. If we get the chance to go again we would love to. The volunteers were amazing and we had an all round lovely time. Thank you.

FAB Camps are supportive, inclusive and confidence boosting.

It created a safe space to have complete and utter freedom.

FAB Camp is the highlight of my year. I love returning to the FAB family - meeting old friends and gaining new ones. Volunteering is incredibly hard work, but the reward is immense.