Camp Activities

What are the activities?

Camp activities are designed to be inclusive and fun, and we try to incorporate a broad range of activities wherever we can. Take a look at the different camps to see what's on offer this year.

Will I have to take part in everything?

No-one will be asked to do anything they don’t want to, however we will encourage you to take part in as much as you can as we know how much families benefit from pushing themselves and finding skills and courage they never knew they had. We ask all family members to join us at the activities, even if you feel unable to take part. We will often mix up groups so that you have an opportunity to meet everyone and also so that we can tailor activities per group e.g. where there are younger children who need more support, or those who have more experience and wish to push themselves further. 

Will we be doing activities all week?

Not quite... we always have a 'day off' in the middle of the week where we don't arrange any activities. This gives you an opportunity to explore the local area, take time to get to know other families, or just relax. We will arrange activities for some of the evenings, and always end the week with an evening of entertainment and awards.

Do we need special clothing or equipment?

You won’t need any specialist equipment but ask that you bring at least one pair of shoes with closed toes (e.g. wet shoes or trainers) and clothes where you don’t mind getting dirty/wet. We will provide at least one FAB T Shirt for each of your family.

We guarantee that you’ll amaze yourselves, laugh a lot and build great bonds with your own family and others. You’ll have a volunteer nearby to support you too.