Become a Volunteer


Applications for this year’s camps have now CLOSED and applicants have been informed of the outcome.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in future years, please email [email protected] and we will add you to our mailing list.

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty in interviewing, meeting and training new volunteers during the current Covid restrictions, we only accepted applications from returning volunteers in 2021.


As FAB volunteers you will be at the heart of the holidays providing mentoring support, encouragement or just a sympathetic ear. Don’t worry we will train and support you throughout the experience.

Who do we look for?

We look for people from all military ranks, backgrounds and experience, Defence civilians and Ex-Service personnel to become volunteers.  Also, you do not have to have any previous experience as a volunteer working on projects or with charity, or have experience of working in bereavement counselling or with young people.  We are ultimately looking for good listeners, people with enthusiasm for the project, and those with a willingness to be a friend or mentor to our bereaved families.  Throughout the volunteer process and at the camps, you will be supported by a bereavement support service, specialising in bereavement counselling for young children and other experienced individuals and volunteers.

Your work as a volunteer

We will aim to send you on one of the camps within the FAB camp calendar for 2020, taking place over July and August.  Where possible, we will allocate you the week of your choice and location, as we understand that you will need to fit in your own summer leave and any other priorities you might have.

Volunteer Positions

Family Volunteer

The majority of the volunteers during a camp are Family Volunteers.  Family volunteers are allocated a family or families depending on the numbers, whether they have been on a FAB camp previously or their individual needs. The role of the volunteer is to provide friendly and supportive help to enable their family or families to have a relaxing and positive experience. This can mean a very practical role of helping the family whilst on activities, providing a sympathetic ear or kicking a football around at the end of the day. The Family Volunteer is likely to be the family’s point of contact for questions and help. The role is incredibly rewarding and very much appreciated by all the families on the camp.

Bereavement Support Worker

The Bereavement Support Worker’s role is to provide additional, specialist support to the families and volunteers attending a FAB camp. Although the main aim of a camp is to provide fun, safe, challenging, activities for the families in attendance, it is acknowledged that it is a camp for bereaved families. This in itself can lead to times when someone (family member and/or volunteer) may require additional support. The Bereavement Support Worker is also responsible for conducting daily group debriefs with all volunteers in conjunction with the Officer in Charge (OIC).

This role requires individuals who are trained and have experience of working with bereavement, family dynamics and facilitating groups. Knowledge/experience of the military is desirable but not essential as you will be supported by other volunteers who will have this.

New Volunteers

If you are a new volunteer, there are three stages to the application process:

  1. Application form
  2. Interview – When Covid restrictions are not in place, the Volunteer Coordinator would normally contact you and arrange for you to attend a mandatory but informal interview with the FAB Head of Delivery and/or FAB Volunteer Coordinator.  There are usually a number of interview dates and locations available, as well as an option to do this virtually.
  3. Training – Following the interview process and successful selection for attendance on the training, all volunteers will be required to undertake the bereavement awareness support course.  There is no fee for attending the training course, however there may be nominal food and accommodation charges.

All new volunteers for any FAB Camps must have attended both an interview and the training and be able to attend one of the FAB Camps for that year.  Dates can be found on our Camps and Events page.  We will confirm whether you have been successful after each stage. If you have been successful at the training we will confirm which camp you will be on.

Returning Volunteers

If you are a returning volunteers, it is a two-stage process and we will confirm your success at each stage.

  1. Application form
  2. Training (as per ‘New Volunteers’ – see above)

We should be able to confirm which camp you have been allocated to at the application form stage.


DBS checks

All applicants must be in possession of a valid in-date Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check to cover the period of the camp and specifically for FAB.  Further advice can be given at interview.  FAB will pay the cost of the DBS check if required.


FAB is a charity and volunteers will be required to fund their own travel costs to the interviews, training and camps.  Food and accommodation whilst on the camps is provided by FAB.

Interested in applying as a volunteer for FAB?

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty in training new volunteers during the current Covid restrictions, we are only accepting applications from returning volunteers.  We will keep this under review.


If you require any further information regarding becoming a Volunteer, please contact [email protected].

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in future years, please email [email protected] and we will add you to our mailing list.